Take the walls off the classroom
and journey...
antiques0013.gif . ...Down Ancient Paths

A professionally resourced and operated travel study program for the third millennium which...

PROVIDES students enrolled in academic programs at various post-secondary institutions with an imaginative opportunity to experience aspects of the history, theology, spirituality and geography of diverse traditions of ancient Christianity;

CREATES an adventurous context for lifelong learning either for credit or personal enrichment in which clergy and laypersons of all Christian churches can deepen their understanding of and appreciation for the ancient non-western origins of Christianity;

STIMULATES all participants to reflect on the interrelationship between younger traditions of western Christianity and their host cultures while observing their ancient counterparts which continue to exist in cultures shaped by the dominating influence of non-Christian belief systems;

FOSTERS a climate of ecumenical conversation designed to enhance a spirit of unity which transcends the differences of belief and practice characteristic of Christianity in its globally diverse forms of expression.