These Photo Journals contain highlights from several of our travel ventures.

Ethiopia 2013
(Photos by Anne-Marie Erickson) - Photos in PDF Format

Patmos 2011
(DAP Partners with The Christian and Missionary Alliance)

The Malta Institue 2011
(Photos by Valerie LeBlanc)

Summer School in Two Holy Lands 2008
(Israel Photos by Laura MacGregor)

Summer School in the Holy Land 2006 (Israel and Jordan)

The Christian Odyssey 2005: Following the Star to the Christian East (Ethiopia, Syria, Armenia and Byzantine Istanbul)

The Christian Odyssey 2005: Highlights with Dr. Paul Spilsbury

In the Steps of the Holy Family 2004: A Pilgrimage to Coptic Egypt & Nile Cruise (Egypt) -- (Click here for video footage)

The Christian Odyssey 2003: In Search of the Early Church (Cyprus, Turkey and Greece)